The Lost Trail…new adventure awaits!

Over the last two or three years my twin brother and I have been working on some new music…and it’s finally almost here!

It’s called The Lost Trail.

The Lost Trail is our new instrumental folk album born from our twin imagination. This album brings together both of our musical talents and unique, down-to-earth styles to create something that’s both comfortable and daring.

This album is a story of adventure inspired by the natural beauty of my homeland of Kansas. From homespun upbeat melodies that sound like back porch jam sessions (and indeed, some songs were the result of back porch jam sessions), to somber, reflective guitar ballads, this album will take you there and back again. Put on your hiking boots, grab a back pack, and get ready to get lost!

I’ve never recorded an instrumental album, so I’m excited and scared to release this to y’all! The release date has yet to be determined, but I’m sure we’ll drop it on you soon.

In the mean time, enjoy the brand new music video for the only non-instrumental song on the album called Ad Astra, a song about Kansas. It’s our own little take on Home on the Range, Kansas’s official state song.

And be sure to like both Mark’s and my facebook page to keep up to date!


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