IMG_3939Who is Bran?

Barefoot Bran is a folk singer-songwriter, performer, and recording artist based in and around Kansas City. With a healthy dose of tree hugging and daydreaming, Bran crafts his unique, down-to-earth songs that aim to tell inspiring, insightful, thought-provoking stories. He focuses the message of his music on peace, unity, mindfulness, interfaith dialogue, the environment and nature. 

Bran has been nominated for Best Male Artist by the International Pagan Music Association in 2017 and 2018 and has released eight studio albums.

What Kind of Music Does Bran Make?

Bran is a self-taught folk singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist; dabbling in anything from mandolin to Native American flute, his music is driven by his voice.

After releasing his first three albums under the name Bran Cerddorion, Bran began releasing his subsequent albums as “Barefoot Bran”

Where is Bran?

Based out of Kansas City, you can find Bran in various corners of the internet! Here are just a few of his favorite places to frequent!
Bandcamp (You can buy his music here!!)

Check out his links page to discover where else Bran is active on the web.