The Contemplation of Seasons

Sadly, this pic isn’t from today. I didn’t take any pictures today 😦 But it’s still beautiful!

Today was the first of March, and Spring has never been more welcome! Alban Eilir is only a few weeks away, and I find myself pondering over the past autumn and winter.

It has been an unusually warm winter–a relief, to me at least. We had exactly two separate days of snow, and only one of those days did the snow stick–an inch or so. Other than that, we’ve had cold days and warm days. Today, March 1st, it was 70 F (21 C), and I had breakfast sitting in my old maple tree friend and did some reading in the glorious sunlight.

And I am SO glad to be outside again. The past few months, I’ve suffered from the cold weather. Chest infections, colds, the works. I couldn’t even go outside if I wanted to without running the risk of more complications. But now that Spring is almost here, I’m feeling much, much better.

Before fall arrived, I assumed autumn was my favorite season. I love the color, the festiveness of it. But when it arrived, I quickly realized I underestimated the ferocity of autumn. I do enjoy fall, don’t get me wrong–the lack of wasps and bees, for one–but I like to be outside and see the life thrive. I like to sweat and to be able to explore and spend my time in nature. It’s hard to do so in the short daylight hours of the fall and winter seasons, especially with my schedule. My fondest memories lie in the heart of sultry, summer days and quiet, warm nights.

Summer will always remain the most magical time of the year for me, and spring is a part of that; it’s the beginning of the magic. When Blodeuwedd is conjured up by Math and Gwydion, when the Green Man opens his eyes, stretches, and yawns happily from his deep winter slumber. Life returns to the earth, and with it, we can attune ourselves to awaken. Burn those winter pounds, if applicable! Get outside, plant a tree or a garden, photograph or sketch landscapes, play (or learn!) an instrument, write an ode to the warm sun, take up birdwatching or whatever draws your attention. Just get to know the natural world around you and celebrate the coming of Spring and Summer!

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