Invoking Blodeuwedd

It seems Spring has come here on the plains of Kansas, and just in the nick of time! It seemed just like yesterday we were lingering somewhere between 0 and the teens. Now we’ve been steadily hitting the mid 60s, birds are making their debut, and I’ve got gardening on my mind! (Let’s hope my thumb gets a bit greener this year!)

And along with the warming air and the sunnier days, I find myself reflecting on how I feel. I always knew Winter always had me reaching for the coffee pot in desperation, but WOW did I feel it this year. It felt as if gravity had doubled near the end of the cold season, and I just wanted to crawl up into a ball and sleep for years. Now, the sun is out and the air is actually warm. And my energy levels have sky rocketed. I don’t know if this is just SAD or what, but all I know is that my body and mind take their tolls when the seasons change!

I can’t wait to see what Spring brings us, the colors and the smells and the vibrancy. Winter has its charms, don’t get me wrong, but It’s high time Blodeuwedd woke up and showed her face. And it’s high time I woke up too.

In honor of Spring, here’s one of my very own songs!

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