Songwriting Challenge and a Peek at the Future

In just about three days begins the insanity of songwriting mayhem: 50/90. 50/90 is a songwriting challenge that pits you, as a songwriter, against your better judgement. The goal: write 50 songs in 90 days.

Now, the only requirement for a song to be qualified as a “song” is just a title, but most people post at least lyrics, if not demo recordings. I tend to gravitate towards posting demos of all 50 songs of mine during this challenge.

Usually, this songwriting challenge, as well as its parent challenge February Album Writing Month (FAWM, encourages you to write brand new songs. But just as I do with National Novel Writing Month, I usually pick something old of mine, dust if off, and make it anew.

This last FAWM I focused on knocking out my Four Branches album (which is available now at, btw), and I thought for 50/90, since my mind is overflowing with enthusiasm for future projects, figured I might as well knock some new material for those future projects out.

I have two specific projects (read: albums) in mind, though as of now I won’t go into much detail (except to say that one will heavily feature Native American flute!), but rest assured I’ll be dedicating most of my Mondays to sitting in front of my microphone and computer throwing stuff together.

I’ll be posting some of the demos for you all to hear, so keep your ears covered for that. If you want to keep up on how my 50/90 is doing, you can follow my progress at my 50/90 page:

I really enjoy the 50/90 challenge and the online community it brings with it. There are some really cool folk out there, and a surprising amount of pagan/pagan-oriented songwriters too! It’s been a very supportive place, as well as a springboard for inspiration and motivation.

I can’t wait to see what comes of the next 90 some days.

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