Season of Change

November has passed, and that means we’re diving headfirst into the holiday season. The solstice is creeping up on us fast, and Winter might as well show His cold face. We’ll clutch our hot cups of tea and coffee, bake our favorite comforting desserts and meals, and warm ourselves with the delight of family and friends.

And gifts, of course! But when it comes to gifts, I’d rather avoid the commercial bonanza of Black Friday and “unbelievable” deals. I’ve always found the best deal is, rather than “save 50% on a new TV!” is “save 100% and not buy that TV!”

As children, we relish the idea of finding presents under the tree from Santa, but as we grow, we seem to outgrow that delight. Some of us still foster that delight in the misguided notion of getting. We crave to get more things in the idea that it would add to our happiness. And we all know that doesn’t work in the long run.

But some of us grow into the love of giving. And that it the important part! We give gifts to our loves ones, sure, but we also try to give to those less fortunate. And it’s this generosity that helps the world become a better place.

In the spirit of giving this holiday season,  I released a holiday EP featuring 3 brand new songs! And it’s free! Season of Change is available for free download at my bandcamp page. But because I also believe in helping those less fortunate, I’ve also included the option that lets you pay for the songs if you’d like. All the proceeds I receive will go directly to feeding and clothing the homeless in my local area.

And speaking of change, I’m getting close to finishing my next album The Hour Before the Dawn, to be released in mid to late March. I’m really excited about how this one turned out. It’s a departure from the concept album Four Branches, and focuses more on Nature and how I see the world. It’s a really cool collection of songs, and I hope you all will enjoy it too!

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Until next update, Peace!

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