The Hour Before the Dawn

It’s coming! No, not Winter, that’s been here for a while already. I’m talking about my new album! “The Hour Before the Dawn” is now available for pre-order!

It’s been almost a year since I set out to record my first album Four Branches: Tales of the Mabinogi in Song, and here I am releasing my second album already. It’s been quite a year of Awen, inspiration, and creativity, and I’m so blessed and fortunate for all the support I’ve gotten the last year. I’m so excited to see what this year has in store!

So, The Hour Before the Dawn, what is this one all about, anyway? Dawn is a departure from Four Branches’s Celtic storytelling theme as I focus closer to home. I turn inward and explore Nature and my own spirituality.

For example, the opening track Brothers of the Night is a piece I co-wrote with my brother years ago, and as one might imagine, it celebrates brotherhood and sisterhood of all kinds. The pagan community, as well as many spiritual paths, can come together to form a strong, family-like pack not unlike a wolf pack. This song celebrates the wolf packs of the world.

Then there’s the second track We Can’t Hold Hands When We’re Pointing Fingers. The title itself has been a personal motto for me for a long time, and it celebrates world peace, interfaith dialogue, community, and just plain ol’ getting along with each other.

And I Wish I Was a Tree is a song I wrote one February night when I discovered my Bardic, Druidic side, and has become a personal favorite of mine.

And then there’s the closing track, Early Bird. This song is where the album gets its title from. The chorus says: Do you sing for the night, do you sing for the day? Do you sing for the sake of the song? The song you sing I too will sing in the hour before the dawn. This song chronicles some of the most magical moments I’ve had in my life, nights where I decided on taking a midnight walk through the country roads of rural Kansas. Watching the night slowly turn to day has been an inspiring memory for me for years now.

Those are just a few glimpses behind a few of the songs on the album. It’s a much more natural, personal album for sure.

Oh, and if you pre-order the physical CD, it’ll come signed, and I’ll include a disc of bonus tracks and a few extra little goodies, too! Why wait?!

The artwork for the album is in the works by my wonderful wife, so stay tuned for that! I’m really excited about this one!

Spread the word!

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