Car Crashes, Concerts, Connections

It has been an utter whirlwind of events, excitement, and accidents! I can’t even begin to process the (ofttimes blissful) mayhem that has occurred over the last two weeks.

We headed out to attend CalderaFest, a wondrous, magical Pagan Music Festival (appropriately nicknamed the Pagan Woodstock by some), and it was much more than I could have ever imagined! So many wonderful musicians and bands, many of them favorites of mine for the last 6 years.

But amidst the excitement, this happened:


Yep, we totaled our car. But luckily everything worked out, and the witnesses of the wreck turned out not only to be festival goers and amazing people who helped us out a lot, but also members of International Pagan Radio. It wasn’t long before our conversation went from car insurance and cops to pagan music. And now my music is on IPR for everyone to enjoy!

IPR Welome banner

Our day went from festival excitement to car crashes, back to festival excitement (though we sadly missed the much anticipated set from Mama Gina, with whom I’m performing in October at a house concert here in Kansas City!)

And to top it all off, on our way home I was invited to play at the Three Gates Gathering, where Rowena of the Glen, a CalderaFest performer, will also perform! I’m very excited for this opportunity, as I’m still riding on the festival energy from CalderaFest, and it’s sure to be an amazing experience.

So yeah, it’s been a wild few weeks here, but overall it’s been fantastic!


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