Announcement! NEW ALBUM!

Here it is, folks. The first official announcement for my next album! I released my second album, The Hour Before the Dawn, in April, but my third album was already in early production by then. I felt like I was rushing into things starting another album before the one before was even released. But, when the Awen hits, it’s advisable to let it flow!

This third album can be seen as kind of a prequel to The Hour Before the Dawn, since Dawn is about the dawning day, this new album logically can be seen as a precursor—an album of the night, of dreamtime.

It’s called The King of Dreams, and as you can guess, it’s all about dreams.

The King of Dreams has been the album I’ve really wanted to record since the beginning. I knew it would have to wait until I knew exactly what I was doing, but boy it was worth the wait. I’ve had a blast working on this album, and I can’t wait to share it with you all!

The title track opens the album, inviting you to ponder dreams, to watch the rising moon and see the mysterious face of the Man in the Moon: the emissary of sleep, the sand man. The King of Dreams. The rest of the album unfolds from there and takes you down a moonbeam road to the realm of the fae, the shores of Selene, the garden of the mind, the court of nightmare, the outer reaches of space and time, and all the way to the dawn of a brand new day.

I’m also super excited because I got some really really cool artwork coming my way for the album cover. A friend and co-worker of mine does fantastic spacescapes (you can find him under Orbium Cellar Paintings on Facebook), and as soon as I saw his art I knew I needed some for the cover. I have the artwork in hand, and I can’t wait to show you!

So when can you expect to be able to hear The King of Dreams? Anticipate an early 2017 release—March most likely. Keep an eye out for some audio glimpses at the album, more news of the release, and how you can help! I’ll be posting updates primarily on my Facebook page. I’m really looking forward to releasing this manifested dream to the world!

Keep on dreamin’ those big dreams.

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