The King of Dreams is HERE


Today’s the day. The King of Dreams is finally available! It’s HERE!!

These last few weeks leading up to the release of the King of Dreams has been full of trials, if I’m being honest. About a week or so ago I received what I thought would be the last pieces of the puzzle: the actual album itself. Accept, they came misprinted by what we finally discovered was a printer’s error.

The final CDs came just a few days ago, just shy of the release date. That was a close call!

I’ve been sick for the better part of a week. I’ll spare you details, but hopefully I’ll regain my voice in time for the May 6th album release concert at Mojo Mamas in Independence, MO! (I had the same thing happen to me last September as I prepared my performance at Kansas City Pagan Pride Day, and barely managed to scrape by that concert thanks to some piping hot ginger lemon tea!)

Anyway, The King of Dreams is available at my bandcamp page, where you’ll also receive two bonus tracks. But it’s also availble on CD Baby!

I still have to scrounge up enough energy to mail the perks for the contributors and Dreamers from the album creation campaign. Sorry for the delay!

Hope to see a lot of you out at the album release mini-tour!

Sweet Dreams,



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2 Responses to The King of Dreams is HERE

  1. Tracy Glomski says:

    I just wanted to drop by and thank you for the extra effort that went into the perk packages. I’m so tickled with all the goodies I received! I love the red-violet color of the t-shirt that came my way—it suits me perfectly. I’m looking forward to wearing it at next year’s Gulf Coast Gathering, if I don’t wear it out before then!

    Good luck with your upcoming concerts. I hope your new music brings much joy to everyone, and especially much joy to yourself.

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